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"So, after the event, after the one on one-on-ones, the photos, the meet and greets, what's next? You have too much to give that will never be covered in an hours-long event. How can you feed the people what they need in portions they can easily chew and then, come back for more when they've fully digested that information?" -Bob Proctor
Please allow me to set the stage for you...Outside the arena, It was a cold and blustery day in Toronto, Canada. Inside the event hall, with numbers too great to count, people from far and near converged for one night of inspirational and motivational magic. Two giants, unparalleled in their approaches and successes, Bob Proctor and ET, had taken the stage, broken strongholds, caused long-held pains and fears to be released, and breathed new life into once dead dreams, goals, and aspirations. That night, they changed lives, kick-started careers, birthed businesses, and reunited families. It was a night to be remembered.
Once Bob and ET had taken their last photos, and the final guests left the arena, in those few quiet moments before Bob and ET moved onto their next tour stop, they had a quiet moment just to themselves. In that conversation, Bob asked ET the question that would launch Breathe University. After leaving the event, ET and Karl brainstormed, and when they arrived home in Michigan, Breathe University was beginning to take shape. They had the idea, the format, the curriculum and, the brain trust. All that they needed next was execution and support. That was 2013. 
Eight years later, BU has become an international powerhouse and think tank that continues to take successful entrepreneurship to incredible heights. From the Accountability Calls to the "Meet Ups," UK, West Coast, East Coast, Southern and Midwestern members are killing the game wherever they are! A simple exchange where iron sharpened iron led to the creation of Breathe University. 
And that, my friends, is how BU came to BE.


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what BU offers

BU Accountability Calls
Daily accountability calls are 5 days a week! Join us to share your goals and wins and learn about what other members are working on. This is your opportunity to finally tick the box [COMPLETED] on those items that stay on your to-do list! These calls are available from 6 am EST/PST/UK. 
BU Marriage
This call isn't just for married folks! It's for anyone in a relationship and maybe even those looking to get married. When you join this call, you'll hear couples share their relationship-building principles, conflict resolution advice, navigating sticky family issues, and the values they stick to that increase the trust, love, and, yes, the passion in their relationships!  
BU Women
Join women from all different walks of life as they come together to empower one another. The BU Women's call features real, down-to-earth women, mothers, sisters, wives, girlfriends, and guest speakers that provide practical tools and resources to help enhance your personal growth.
BU Men
The BU Men's call is a space for transparency and healing. The men talk about real-life challenges and share practical solutions to overcome them. 
Coaching with ET
Every Sunday morning, you can catch our phenomenal leader ET coaching our members on relationships, business, faith, you name it! If you want the inside straight on getting to the next level, the nuggets ET drops during this call will help get you there.


"I knew I was becoming a part of something bigger than myself.... Joining BU provided me a safe community to help me focus on my goals and get alignment in my life...

Going from good, to great, to phenomenal, because even though  I was doing well, I knew I could be better. BU tapped into me and brought the best out of me. Allowing me to always move onward and upward... and that continues today.

So let me say thank-you. Thank-you to BU and to the BU family for helping me get my life in order physiclly, mentally, emotionally and physically.'
"You go from good, you go to great, you go to phenomenal. You operate at 120!
It doesn't matter if you're an apprentice, a master or a guru. BU is a university that is absolutely there for everybody...

And to ET and all the squad, all I can say is thank you! Because E, if you hadn't stepped in to your calling, who knows where we would all be now. But likeminded people come together because you did, and you cant buy that, and its a truly great thing. 

For me BU is a priceless community, a family, It's somewhere that has taught me to level up, to grow."


 How do I access the BU calls?

Links to calls will be emailed to you when you register for membership. You will also be sent a Monthly Resource Hub Guide that contains all links for the month. If you have not received your resource hub please contact us at

 How do I access my BU account?

 ​You may access your account by clicking the sign in button at​ ​​ or going directly to

 What do I need to sign into my account?

 You’ll need your username and password to access your account. Your login information is provided to you in your initial welcome email. Please hang on to your welcome email for reference. If you need help locating your log in information please email and our customer experience team will be happy to assist you.

 I do not see my content in my portal.

If this happens, please contact BU customer experience at and a team member will resolve the issue.

 How often will I be billed?

Breathe University members will be billed on the same day every month as the initial enrollment date.

 Can I change my billing date?

 Yes, BU members may adjust their billing date one time only. You can do so by submitting your request to

 How do I update my credit card on file? 

Please click the link below and complete the form to get your credit card payment updated. 

 How do I cancel my Breathe University Subscription? 

You can cancel your subscription at any time. There is no contract. You can choose to cancel your account immediately or at the end of your billing cycle. 
Please note: We require a cancellation request to be submitted a minimum of three business days prior to the billing date. You will not be granted a refund if completed after you are billed. You will be canceled the following month. To cancel your subscription, please complete this form:

 How long do I need to be a member of BU to experience the full value?

We recommend committing to at least one year in order to take full advantage of the courses and other resources available. This time commitment will also allow you to fully immerse yourself in the Breathe University community, connect with others from around the world, and establish life-changing relationships.

 Do I have to join the Facebook community? 

The Facebook group is a community of like-minded individuals who push each other to achieve their wildest dreams. The FB community is a place to solicit feedback; ask for and offer support; network and exchange ideas. You’ll get the best value when you actively participate. It’s a great way to ensure you are not doing life alone. 

 What happens when I join the Facebook group?

You’ll request access to the group and will be validated and approved within 48 business hours. You are encouraged to introduce yourself by sharing a bit about your background as well as the goals you are hoping to accomplish. Be sure to use the hashtag #ImNew. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or offer help. You’ll get the best value when you actively participate in the group.
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